In accordance with law on personal data protection (Decreto legislativo 30 June 2003, n. 196 “Codice in materia di protezione dei dati Personali” and following changes and implementation measures), Validata s.r.l., based in via Monforte 41, 12100 Cuneo, acting as processing “Controller”, must provide information on personal data processing.

Personal data sources

Personal data hold by Validata s.r.l. are collected directly from the subject to whom such personal data relates (“Person concerned”), as provided by the latter for the delivery of services specified on the website All personal data are processed in adhering to the abovementioned legislation and to obligations of confidentiality, which Validata s.r.l. has always committed itself to.

Processing purposes

Personal data are processed within daily activities at Validata s.r.l. for the following purposes:

a) provision of services requested by the Person concerned via website and implementation of duties derived from contracts stipulated with Validata s.r.l. and/or completion, before conclusion of contract, of specific requests from the Person concerned;

b) other activities related to Validata s.r.l., and carried out via mail, telephone, advertising materials, automated communication systems, etc., on which the Person concerned may decide to express his consent. This category relates to the followings:

c) market research aimed at evaluating satisfaction of the Person concerned on service quality and on the activities carried out by Validata s.r.l., either directly or through specialised appointed companies;

d) promotional or selling activities for products and/or services by Validata s.r.l., carried out directly or through specialised appointed companies;

e) fulfilment of duties in compliance with laws, regulations or European law (i.e. anti-money laundering law, usury law, etc.)

In relation to the sub-purposes a) and c) we inform that processing and communication of personal data by Validata s.r.l. does not need any consent, as processing itself is necessary for the provision of the service requested by the Person concerned and/or for the fulfilment of duties deriving from the contract made and/or for the implementation of performances required, as well as to fulfil duties in compliance with the law.

Regarding the sub-purposes b), each Person concerned has the right, at any time, to deny to Validata s.r.l. his consent to processing and communication, without it to lead to injurious consequences for contractual relations.

Data Processing procedures

For each abovementioned purpose, data processing will be carried out through paper, automatic or electronic procedures and, in particular, via ordinary or electronic mail, phone (also though automatic calls, SMS, MMS, etc.) and telefax, in strict relation to the purposes themselves, in order to guarantee safety and privacy of data.

Categories of processed data

In relation to the abovementioned purposes, Validata s.r.l. processes personal data other than "sensitive" (i.e. personal data to reveal racial or ethnic group, religious beliefs, political views, health status, sexual orientation, etc.) and "judicial" ones. In particular, processing carried out by Validata s.r.l. encompasses personal data related to clients and possible clients, such as name, address, personal identification data as well as phone, telefax or email contacts.

Categories of subjects to whom data may be communicated or who may access them as Supervisors or Persons in charge

In order to carry out part of its activities, Validata s.r.l. may refer to external companies from the following categories:

  • Supervisory bodies or authorities and, in general, public or private subjects with public functions;
  • Subjects who deal with data acquisition, processing and elaboration, as needed to meet client requests;
  • Subjects acting as external Persons in charge or Supervisors for data processing, who provide services for Validata s.r.l.'s management of information system and telecommunication networks (including email);
  • Subjects acting as Persons in charge of data processing, who carry out communication transmission, enveloping, transfer and distribution with the Person concerned;
  • Subjects acting as external Persons in charge or Supervisor for data processing, who carry out market researches aimed at observing clients' satisfaction on service quality and activities carried out by Validata S.r.l; 
  • Subjects acting as external Persons in charge or Supervisor for data processing, who deal with promotion activities and products sale or services for Validata S.r.l.

Subjects belonging to the abovementioned categories operate in full autonomy as independent controller of data processing or as Supervisors or Persons in charge specifically nominated by Validata s.r.l., whose constantly updated name list is available at Validata s.r.l. premises.

Personal data may also be known by Validata s.r.l.’s employees and partners, who are expressly nominated Supervisors or Persons in charge for their processing.

Data processed by Validata s.r.l., whose constantly updated list is available at its premises, are not subjected to circulation.

Rights of the Person concerned

The legislation on personal data processing (D.L. 196/2003, art. 7) attributes to the Person concerned the possibility to exercise specific rights. In particular, the Person concerned can obtain:

  1. proof of existence of data related to the Person concerned, even when not yet registered, and their communication in readable format;
  2. information on the origin of personal data, their purposes and processing procedure as well as rational behind the use of electronic devices for processing;
  3. information on Controller and Supervisor identification as well as subjects and categories of subjects to whom personal data may be communicated or who may access them;
  4. data removal, switch into anonymous mode or interruption in case of law violation, as well as data update, revision or integration, when needed.

The Person concerned can also deny, for legitimate reasons, his own personal data processing although relevant for the collection aims. He can also deny personal data processing aimed at sending promotional or direct sale material as well as at completing market researches or commercial communication.

The Person concerned can express its opposition via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Requests related to point 1., 2. and 3. can also be orally expressed.

Data Processing Controller and Supervisors

Validata s.r.l., based in via Monforte 41, 12100 Cuneo, represented by its Chief Executive Mr. Fausto Berti, acts as a Controller of personal data processing regarding this Statement.

Constantly updated list of processing Supervisors is available at Validata s.r.l.'s premises.