Archiva s.r.l. operates in Private Cloud as a dematerialization Service Provider, late & early archiving, documents' preservation and multichannel redirecting, etc.
More than 500 clients of any size and market sector, constant growing revenues of about €10 millions, a division dedicated to new services’ research and development, prove this partner’s endowment.
The whole activity of Archiva is based on quality and safety of information, but also on the respect of the applicable legal framework and on the excellence in providing services, completely executed and monitored in house.
Since 11 years Archiva has been the only Validata s.r.l.'s partner for documents preservation.

DynaSig Corporation, Phoenix AZ, is the company who patented the Bio-Pen solution, it holds the data codification algorithm and it deals with its distribution to qualified Partners. Before being a signing tool, Bio-Pen is a strong solution for identification and identity’s private verification. DynaSig is obtaining international recognition for its combination of personal habits in signing (dynamic biometrics) with high standards of individual identification.
Validata s.r.l. distributes such product with the added value of an Advanced Electronic Signature, value that is tangible and recognizable in various document processes.

Seen Solution s.r.l. offers direction consultancy, being it competent on processes both at the vertical and horizontal level as well as oriented towards organizational solutions.
It operates in the Knowledge and Information Management field and it is specialized in digital information management, in documents’ electronic management and in consultancy for services such as E-invoicing, documents’ Dematerialization and Non-Dematerialization and Document Management.
Besides consultancy, Seen Solution operates as a System Software Integrator to provide advanced and quick solutions for Information and Digital Management. Seen Solution’s clients include Public Administrations, multinational corporations, SMEs
Validata s.r.l. cooperates with Seen Solution for its remarkable competences in privacy and Electronic Signatures.