Our attention to the normative framework evolution allowed us to design, implement and provide the FEA graphometric signature solution first. We understood that handwriting is the graphometry’s limit

and that within the current document processing a signature is not a very convincing conventional evidence. With this in mind, we found out about Bio-Pen, which takes off handwriting from the signature and adds the signatory’s identification, the check of his declared identity or his authentication. Bio-Pen is the only writing tool that provides FEA parameters directly deriving from physiology of the individual, who thus becomes the process’ central irreplaceable “symbiotic” element. Through the combination of Bio-Pen with biometric FEA, we started a revolution, a legal Paperless signature to no-materialize instead of dematerialize; a Padless natural signature which adapts to mobility; a signature that subscribes, at the same time, one digital original and one analog copy when needed; a signature that identifies and allows safe access to remote resources without using ID, PW, PUK e OTP. Even Bio-Pen overtakes even the Digital Signature on SIM card for convenience and safety, borders of its employment are yet to be discovered. It is ideal for a Certification Authority willing to operate in the new Italian System for Digital Identity (SPID).