Among numerous advantages, the main Bio-Pen's benefit is its support in managing a document’s Life Cycle without it to be printed in paper copy [Paperless], even when legally valid.

With Bio-Pen and MoBiForm, managing a document turns out to be efficient, cheap, effective, safe and free from mistakes.

Dematerializing implies to previously pay the cost for the paper copy’s print, subsequently followed by the cost to reduce the negative effects of materialization [Paperfree].

Nowadays the highest share of documents is drafted on computers provided with word processors; this means that the digital document exists before its copy on paper, materialization which is often done out of habit, but above all because of the need of having a document to be ink signed as well as to be stamped in order to clarify either an unreadable signature or the signer’s membership organization.

But Bio-Pen’s dynamic signature can be placed on the digital document, and it expresses itself the signer’s name and surname as well as the signature’s date; it can also state the membership organization through a logo.

Thanks to Bio-Pen, materialization and dematerialization can be avoided! Bio-Pen ensures the non-materialization of the digital document through its whole life-cycle, as signature and stamp are electronic.