Certification acquisition underway.

Certificate & Declaration of Conformity for CE Marking

Electronic Signature In Global and National Commerce Act - 2000

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Finance Institution Letter: FIL-103-2005

Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment

For banks offering Internet-based financial services, the guidance describes enhanced authentication methods that regulators expect banks to use when authenticating the identity of customers using the on-line products and services.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Administrative Simplification: Privacy, Security, Transactions.

2002 - Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act

... Evaluate controls designed to prevent or detect fraud, including management override of controls.

UETA Uniform Electronic Transaction Act – 1999

"to ensure that transactions in the electronic marketplace are as enforceable as transactions memorialized on paper with manual signatures, without changing any of the substantive rules of law that apply and without imposing specific technology requirements for verification of identity or the integrity of the document itself."