Does Bio-Pen require assistance?

In normal use conditions, the pen does not require any assistance. Each pen is identified and separately tested at the production plant, from which it distributed as fully functional. The pen is resistant to accidental drops of about 80 cm high.
In some cases – not under warranty - the pen can be irreparably damaged, for example when it gets crashed or when it falls without cap onto its writing end, or when it is plunged into liquids.
It is advised to store spare pens for prompt replacement in a number compared to the amount of the pens in use .

What to do before asking for assistance?

Check the pen's LED colour when the USB cable connects it to the PC: the LED has to be red.

How to ask for assistance?

Click here to open an assistance ticket.
Make sure you insert correct personal data: if they are not correct, the assistance will not be able to contact you.
Describe the problem in a concise and clear way.

How is Bio-Pen charged?

The pen has no internal battery; unlike other systems, it cannot stop working because of low battery.
It is charged by USB Mini B 4 Pin F connector (1.0, 1.1 or 2.0).
The red LED inserted in the pen beside the connector turns on whilst the pen in on charge.

What surfaces does Bio-Pen work on?

The plastic stylus pen does not require a specific surface; it can be used on any hard, rigid and smooth surface (wood, glass, metal, marble, etc.).
The plastic stylus pen can be used on sign pad or touch screen when the holographic image of the signature needs to be recorded; in this case compatibility between the stylus and sign pad or touch screen has to be previously verified.
The pen with inking ballpoint is suitable for writing on paper.

What to do when running out of ink? 

The pen uses a mini ballpoint pen refill 38, commonly available on the market.
Remove the tip, replace the refill out with a new one, put the tip back on.