When using complex software systems on hardware that are distributed across the territory, it is important to ensure effective and efficient assistance that maintain production continuity.

Assistance provides the following services:

  • questions and answers for common problems
  • online manual
  • activation of online ticket for software assistance
  • advise for hardware assistance
  • phone assistance with specialised operators (service subject to charge)
  • assistance with specialised operators in remote connection (service subject to charge)
  • assistance available 6 days a weeks, from 8am to 8pm, excluding Sundays and Italian bank holidays (service subject to charge).

To benefit from the hardware assistance service (Bio-Pen), the assistance ticket has to be activated and the damaged pen has to be sent to: Validata s.r.l., via Monforte 41, 12100 Cuneo (CN), Italy.

Assistance service does not cover postal expenses, which are at the expense of the client.

The service subject to charge complies with the provision 1h), art. 57, from DPCM 22-02-2013, compulsory for subjects providing Electronic Advanced Signature solutions; when required, the service manages and fulfils requests for withdrawal of consent to data processing.