PenSign is the application based on behavioral biometrics which upgrades a Bio-Pen signature to an EAS [Electronic Advanced Signature] or to an ESS [Electronic Simple Signature]. In a natural and safe way, one can sign an electronic document with Bio-Pen, placing his own legal signature.

EAS is composed by all the electronic data, which, processed in a safe manner, are attached to an identified individual and his subscription of an electronic document that would keep in the long term all the features of the written language -  integrity, safety, unmodifiability.
In particular, EAS is the final result of a process that can be implemented with different technologies within a defined and guaranteed normative framework; obviously, its validity depends on such technologies and their correct use in a specific context.

ESS is composed by electronic data used as a computer strategy for identification, as it is linked to other electronic data.

Both these signatures have a limited value among the parties involved, but their main difference is the identification of a specific document's subscriber.

The PenSign application directly receives signature data (neuro-muscular) from Bio-Pen, or detect data (graphometric) from a graphometric system, and it processes them with complete respect of the applicable legal framework and of Privacy.