MoBiForm, an acronym that means Mobile Biometric Form, acts as a bridge between companies and businesses in mobile mode, thanks to the Internet connection on a PC tablet, and it allows:

  • creation of a document form to be filled
  • error-free form filling according to pre-set strategies
  • real time update of compilation strategies and contents
  • opportunity to attach to the form other documents or media resources (audio, pictures, video)
  • document's data forwarding to the back office
  • document forwarding to the alternative retention's provider
  • document research, consultation and electronic preview
  • sending to the subscriber the digital original document or an analogic copy
  • MoBiForm's management SW assistance.

Moreover, combined with Bio-Pen it offers: 

  • subscriber identification
  • subscriber identification check through FEA
  • PenSign subscription of the digital document
  • subscriber's authentication through FES thanks to a FEA's process.