The application allows different Bio-Pen’s registered users to share files [in .BPL format] in a safe way, using usual tools for electronic exchange, such as through attachments in e-mails with a common E-mail Client.

Files are secured within an electronic envelop [LockBox] which can be sent:   

Open The LockBox app is used as a file reader.
Files can be opened and read by anyone without using Bio-Pen.
The signature is valid as long as the author and contents are intact; otherwise, the signature is invalid (tamper evident).
Locked by signature The recipient has to appear among the ones authorized by the author or be the author himself.
The recipient’s ID and his signature have to be verified before accessing LockBox’s contents.
Locked by signature,
or by
Bio-Pen ID
LockBox can be opened with a valid Bio-Pen ID linked to the authorized user ID.
It allows various and multiple accesses to the file, without signing each time when Bio-Pen is connected.
If the pen’s ID is not checked, the user has to be verified with user ID and signature. 
Locked by signature,
and by
Bio-Pen ID 
LockBox can only be opened by the right combination between Bio-Pen ID and signature.
Bio-Pen ID is linked to the user ID.

The sender can be sure that the only recipient will be able to access the envelope’s intact content.
The recipient can be sure that the envelope is intact and issues by the sender.
Both are sure that no one else could have accessed the envelope’s content.
If the sender’s non-traceability is required, the service 
Secure E-mailis available to send LockBox.