Thanks to the connection, biometric data, collected and elaborated by Bio-Pen in a specific template, are transferred to the identification/verification electronic system [Agent].

The computer system where the template is saved can be placed in the PC and/or in the host server which the PC is linked to.

In the first case, there is a wired connection to the system; in the second case the connection is created through a safe transfer protocol: VPN when on the web, HTTPS when on Internet.

The user can always directly check the effective connection to the system through the luminous LED on top of Bio-Pen:

  • red LED on = Bio-Pen connected to PC and charged by it
  • green LED on = Bio-Pen verify the connection to the right programme Agent
  • green LED on = Bio-Pen receives/transfers data to PC.

When a malware (work/virus) tries to imitate the login screen for the Agent to move the login towards another website, the LED remains red and the user is made aware of it; in this case, data transmission is stopped.