What operating systems does MoBiForm work on?

It works on Windows operating systems, from Vista onwards.

What is the screen resolution required for MoBiForm?

The minimum resolution is 1280x800 pixel. An HD or FullHD resolution is required (1920x1080) to visualize most of the document in the signing phase, and to have visibility on most fields to fill.

What does a PCtablet for MoBiForm need to be equipped with?

In order to use Bio-Pen, the tablet needs to have at least one USB 2.0 available.
If a Digital Signature system is adopted, another USB port or a MicroSD card slot is required.
For a mobile use 3G or 4G connectivity is necessary, either through a SIM card internal slot or via USB or Wireless when the device employs an external connection.
Instead of the touch-screen keyboard, an “external” keyboard is advised for quicker typing.