Basing your own Business Process on traditional paper management is pricy and obsolete.
Paper dematerialization allows to improve efficiency, making savings that should be higher than the dematerialization added cost.

However, three macro-costs are generated by this process: the first one to materialize the document on paper, the second to dematerialize or scan it, the third to manage the paper document from its materialization and dematerialization. Eliminating such costs increases the operating margin and the process efficiency.
Nowadays, technological evolution and normative adaptation allow to tear down obstacles to end paper use: signature and stamp.

The possible combinations of MoBiForm, Bio-Pen and PenSign support a new Business Process, based on the use of digital documents which maintain this format for the whole document's life cycle, even when subscribed with electronic legal signature.

Our consultancy service for Business Project Modelling & Business Process Reengeneering will suggest a new operational mode and it will implement it for you.

  • Forget your habits.
  • Employ new technologies to your advantage, … before your competitors will do it.
  • Take today's opportunity to build tomorrow's business.