What Operating Systems does Bio-Pen work on?

It works on any Windows operating systems, from XP to 8.1, both in the 32 and 64bit version. Server versions are included.

Does Bio-Pen work on Mac OS?

Bio-Pen works only with Windows operating system. On Mac OS it is possible to use virtualization systems for Windows desktop, such as VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop. Porting for Mac OS is under way.

Does Bio-Pen work on iPad ?

Electronic devices like iPad are not provided with USB port. An iPad Dock F USB connector. Porting for iOS is under way.

Does Bio-Pen work on Android systems?

Porting for Android is under way.

Does Bio-Pen work only with USB connection?

Bio-Pen's Bluetooth version is currently still a prototype.

How does Bio-Pen transfer data?

Via cable between USB interfaces. The cable has a USB Mini 4 Pin F connector on the pen side and a standard one on the PC side.

How do I connect Bio-Pen with the PC?

Connect the provided USB cable to the pen first. Then connect the cable to the computer. Double-check that the LED beside the connector turns on red.

What does the Bio-Pen’s LED colour represent?

The LED is red when Bio-Pen connected to PC and charged by it
the LED is green when the pen is ready to write
the LED is green when the pen is transferring data.

What is Bio-Pen’s template dimension?

A Bio-Pen template usually takes up just about 500 byte.

What is the enrolment timing for a template?

The enrolment takes 7 sec., with a 1 sec. automatic pause between a signature and another.

What is the template matching speed?

Matching lasts less than a second.