Goods exiting the warehouse for a transfer of ownership are always accompanied by two types of documents, both signed by the carrier and by the recipient.

Movement document (ex. Wholesaler)

Invoice (ex. Cash&Carry)

The document for exiting goods is always printed in "single copy": the only analog original copy is signed with the inking Bio-Pen by the carrier or recipient, and it is kept by one of the latter.

At the same time, another original digital copy is signed by the Bio-Pen itself; thus, it is saved on the seller's systems and directly sent to retention.

  • With Bio-Pen no screen is needed to show the document to sign
  • With Bio-Pen no Sign Pad or Touch Screen is needed
  • With Bio-Pen there is no analog print of the signed digital document: the analog original document is signed by the same subject who is interested in keeping it
  • With Bio-Pen there is no dematerialization before retention: the legal document is ready for retention, without it to be materialized. Depending on the goods' value, the identification of the individual who collects it may be needed.

Depending on the value of the goods, may require prior identification of the individual who collects.

  • With Bio-Pen the individual is identified only when he signs for the first time: any other time, before subscribing with PenSign EAS, it is verified that his identity corresponds to the registered one.
  • With Bio-Pen it is possible to sign with PenSign ESS (EAS process without identification) and ask for BioSign EAS's identification and subscription to be compared with the previous one. 

Bio-Pen completely changes delivery processes from point of sales, making them cheaper and safer.