The process of financing usually involves a technical form and a contractual form, related to the loan disbursement. The two forms include fields to be filled and subscribed, which stand out from the rest of the text, being them exposed to acceptance.

MoBiForm is the mobile or onsite solution, which allows to always download the latest version of the form, to fill it through specific typing methods, to identify the subscriber, to forward the loan request to the back office.

PenSign is the application that captures and processes the graphometric subscription.

Bio-Pen is a safe and user friendly solution to subscribe with the authentication of subscriber's identity.

LockBox is the application that allows confidential emailing of digital files between the parties involved.

LogBook is the application that, connected to the LockBox's Enterprise version, keeps track of all LockBox transitions (who did what and when).

Overall, these applications represent a complete solution for files' safe production and management.

Saving and efficiency in comparison to paper management can be found in:

  • form production, update and distribution
  • compilation correctness check before terminating the file process
  • files distribution, archiving, consultation
  • reduced time-to-market with financing disbursement.